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This has been a bad day. I somehow "lost" $160 from my room while I was sleeping. What. The. Fuck. I really hate the way things have been going the last few days.
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So I want to do a prompt table. But I'm not random enough to figure out prompts on my own and I need your help! So what I'm asking is for you guys to comment and leave me prompts. They can be songs, words, quotes, ideas, or anything really. I need something to work on.


- Misinterpretation. - Cottage. - Nightmares. - Blue comforter. - Converse shoes.


'Cause I'm bored and dumb and dying to change It's the simple life driving me insane. (Madina Lake - Legends)

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So I hadn't said anything anywhere about this yet, but my cousin Mike shot himself yesterday. Damn close to two years after Leonard's suicide.

It's fucking tragic when people decide that their life is no longer worth living. There is ALWAYS something worth sticking around for, you just have to spot it.

And if anyone, and I do mean anyone, is feeling like they have no reason to go on, please talk to me. Or someone you trust. Because killing yourself is a selfish and stupid thing to do. People love you and want you to be around. Being sad is not a good reason to end your life.

"And all that he was is just a tragedy'